Welcome to Malta Freeport Terminals

Having been established in 1988, Malta Freeport Terminals has experienced remarkable growth since its inception and currently is one of the largest transhipment centres in the Central Mediterranean region.  Over 96% of the Freeport's container traffic is transhipment business. Malta Freeport Terminals amalgamates the activities of container handling and industrial storage and is renowned for its business culture, the relative absence of red tape and its ability to adapt quickly to changing trade patterns. To be fully geared up to face future challenges, the Freeport implemented a heavy investment programme since being privatised in 2004 which besides representing a veritable step forward for the Company’s auspicious expansion potential, is also enabling its clients to widen their business horizons and concretise their standing within the global arena. 

In fact, business opportunities for Malta Freeport Terminals are expected to continue increase remarkably in the coming years. Since privatisation in October 2004, the Freeport has already acquired a significant amount of new business. 2016 was another record breaking year for Malta Freeport Terminals and the Company handled 3.08 million TEUs. Some of the world’s key shipping lines have chosen Malta Freeport Terminals as their transhipment hub in the central Mediterranean including the mega  alliances 2M: Maersk Line and MSC and Ocean Alliance: CMA CGM, COSCO Shipping, Evergreen and OOCL. Other carriers include Seago Line, Hapag-Lloyd, Hamburg Sud and UASC. These carriers have been attracted by Malta Freeport's enviable geographical location, proven track record within the transhipment business, state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to transhipment, worldwide regular network connections  and cost effective operations. The Freeport's clients also benefit from the Company's high investment in the latest computerisation systems, the ongoing development of employees and its full dedication to maintain high quality standards.

The positive results being attained have put the Freeport back on the world map in maritime terms. They are further powering the Company to sustain its ambitious expansion programme targeting the Port's infrastructure and equipment so as to further raise the performance levels being attained.  Malta Freeport strives to be a leading provider of global, integrated logistics services that address the full spectrum of its clients’ requirements.