About Us

Since its establishment in 1988, Malta Freeport has registered remarkable growth and is now a major maritime transhipment logistic centre in the Mediterranean region enjoying positive international recognition with global carriers as a reliable and credible port. Malta Freeport Terminals Limited amalgamates the activities of container handling and industrial storage.

Malta Freeport focuses on the ‘hub' concept, whereby cargo is discharged from large mother vessels and relayed to a network of regional ports by regular and frequent feeder vessels. Around 95 per cent of Malta Freeport's container traffic is transhipment business. The logistic concept offers various benefits for Malta Freeport's clients, including fewer mainline port calls, reduced voyage times through minimal diversions and shorter transit times thus enabling them to concentrate on profitable voyage legs. In 2013, Malta Freeport Terminals  handled 2.7 million TEUs. As one of the Mediterranean’s key transhipment port Malta Freeport represents a strategic platform for the shipping lines that have chosen it as their Mediterranean hub port being located at the crossroads of some of the world’s greatest shipping routes and in the heart of the Europe/Maghreb/Middle East triangle.


Malta Freeport Terminals offers clients state-of-the-art transhipment facilities developed in line with their increasing requirements including a total operational deep water quay of 2,140 metres, a total area of 680,000 square metres, 15,085 container ground slots and a total number of 894 reefer points. The North Quay of Terminal Two was recently dredged to - 17 metres LAT from 15.5 metres LAT which enables the Freeport to berth vessels with a draught of 16.5 metres. The other mainline berths at the Freeport, namely the South Quay of Terminal Two and the North Quay of Terminal One have also been dredged to -17 metres LAT from the previous water depth of 15.5 metres. Malta Freeport Terminals is currently equipped with twenty-three Quayside Cranes, namely nineteen super post-Panamax and four post-Panamax Quayside Cranes. Four of the super post-Panamax Quayside Cranes are capable of handling twin 40' lifting spreader capacity whilst fourteen super post-Panamax Quayside Cranes can handle twin-lift spreaders. The Yard Cranes serving both Terminals include 2 Rail-Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMGs) and 55 Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs). Fifty of these RTGs are new and forty of them have twin-lift spreader capability.

The various developments being undertaken by the Company will enable the Freeport to accommodate larger vessels in view of the developments taking place within the containerisation industry towards ever larger and cost-effective ships whilst also attaining faster vessel turnaround times.


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