Container Terminals

Malta Freeport is presently amongst the leaders in the Mediterranean transhipment scenario. The significant volume of containers being handled is a result of the Freeport's track record and the positive international recognition which the Company enjoys with global carriers as being a reliable and credible port.

The Freeport's attractiveness is founded on the right configuration of unparalleled location in the centre of the Mediterranean, outstanding facilities dedicated to transhipment, pristine handling equipment, advanced technology, highly skilled and enterprising personnel, unmatched quality service, as well as an efficacious security system which ensures that its clients’ demands are met efficaciously. Other crucial factors include extensive world-wide regular network connections, high performance levels and cost-effectiveness, ease of access to markets with minimal diversion distance, easy port accessibility, safe manoeuvrability of vessels and all-year favourable weather conditions.

Malta Freeport Terminals has two Container Terminals, namely Terminal One and Terminal Two. Terminal One has a mainline quay length of 1,000 metres with a water depth of 17 metres, a total area of 539,643 square metres, 10,397 container ground slots and 1,258 reefer points. Malta Freeport Terminals has also developed Terminal One West Quay which has a length of 290 metres and the water depth is 9.5 metres. The North Quay of Terminal One is equipped with 10 Quayside cranes, 3 capable of reaching 25 containers across, 4 capable of reaching 24 containers across and 3 capable of reaching 18 containers across.  

Terminal Two has a total operational quay length for mainline operations of 1,173 metres, 4,900 ground slots, 400 reefer points and a total area of 231,357 square metres.  It is served by eleven super post-Panamax Quayside Cranes. One of these Cranes is capable of reaching 25 containers across and capable of handling twin-lift 2 x 20' containers, four capable of reaching 23 containers across and are capable of handling either 4 x 20' containers or 2 x 40' containers in tandem operation. The other six are capable of reaching 18 containers across and capable of handling twin-lift 2 x 20' containers. 

As a result of the investment measures being pursued Malta Freeport Terminals has the necessary resoures in place to effectively meet its clients' expectations and indeed can handle any containership presently afloat.