Terminal One











Port ID Number MT MAR
Terminal Position: 35-49, 13N-014-32, 26E     
Maximum depth alongside berth:

Water depth: -17 metres LAT (North Quay)

Tidal variation:

The tide range at Marsaxlokk ranges between 0.3 to 0.6 metres

Terminal One North Quay West Quay
Length of quay 1,000 m 290 m
Dredged water depth 17 m 9.5 m
Height of berth (above LAT): 2.5 m 2.5 m
Fender clearance from quay wall: 1.7 m 1.0 m
Distance between fenders: 16 m 7.5 m
Distance between berth and shipside: 1.7 m 1.0 m
Bollard capacity: 100 tons 100 tons
Distance between bollards: 22.5 m 22.5 m
Distance from bollard to the edge of ship: 2.7m 2 m
Total area: 539,643 m2
Ground slots: 10,397
Reefer points: 1,258