Border Inspection Post


#A border inspection post with both veterinary and phytosanitary laboratory facilities was constructed close to the Main Gate of Malta Freeport. All transhipment containers with contents of animal origin and food which are coming from Third Countries and destined to other Member States need to be inspected by the Food Veterinary Regulation Division (FVRD) of the Agriculture and Fisheries Department after the seventh day at the Freeport.

As Malta Freeport is an important gateway to the European Union trade bloc clients are benefiting from free and smooth circulation of cargo once it has been cleared and certified in Malta. As not all ports in the region offer these facilities, companies requiring them to be able to distribute their cargo may redirect their goods through the Freeport.

It is the responsibility of the Shipping Lines / Ship Agents to inform Malta Freeport Terminals which transhipment containers are to be inspected at the Border Inspection Post. For the procedure to be followed as regards Border Inspection Post operations kindly download the pdf of the Operations and EDI Manual from Clients Area within the Internet site. 

Download Border Inspection Post Order Form.