Navigation Information

Depth in the channel:

The access to the Port is easily accessible having a mid-channel water depth varying between 20 metres and 25 metres. The access and berthing alongside the  Terminal Two North Quay (outer Port) is of -17.0m LAT allowing berthing facilities of 16.0 m even keel. The access fairway to the inner Port is of 17 m resulting in a berthing draft of 16m. The Port's inner fairway covering the South Quay of Terminal Two and the North Quay of Terminal One were dredged to 17m now allowing an access and maximum keel berthing draught of ‐16.0 m LAT to be realised.

Distance from Pilot Station to Berth:  The total time for berthing can take from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. This depends upon the prevailing circumstances and conditions. The Pilot Station is 2 nautical miles from the breakwater.
Tidal range:

The tide range at Marsaxlokk ranges between 0.3m and 0.6m

Working Charts

Chart 194: Approaches to Malta and Gozo
Chart 36: Marsaxlokk Port

Minimum under keel clearance alongside: The minimum under keel clearance is to be not less than 1 metre. This depends upon the prevailing conditions at that time.
Maximum dredged water depth at the berth: 17 metres LAT at all Mainline Berths
Maximum speed in Channel / Port: Not exceeding 10 knots
Berthing Day / Night: Day and Night, 24 x 7

In Port Navigation Lights

LAT North

 Long East   Character  Height(m) Range (m)
Main Breakwater Bull Nose 35049'09" 014032'97" FL R 3s 18 6
Terminal Two N/E Breakwater 35049'23" 014032'81" Q R 9 8
Terminal Two North / Ro-Ro Berth 35049'32" 014032'58" LF 1 R 10s 9 8
Terminal Two West / Ro-Ro Berth 35049'32" 014032'42" VQ R 9 6
Terminal Two South / West Corner  35049'28" 014032'35" FL R5s 9 7