Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System

#Malta Freeport Terminals has had in place, as from June 2003, a mobile vehicle and cargo inspection system (VACIS) which is enabling the Company to participate in the project for the screening of containers before entering other ports. 

Due to the changing world scenario, tighter security controls are being pursued on an international level. Indeed there are more stringent obligations on transhipment ports in view of the adherence to stricter controls in the fight against terrorism, smuggling of narcotics, tobacco and weapons of mass destruction.

Such equipment backs the Freeport’s effort to stem the flow of contraband. This sophisticated equipment is based on cost-effective gamma rays technology providing a safe, accurate and efficient solution to port activities. The system inspects the contents of containers non-intrusively to determine the possible existence of different types of contraband principally drugs, weapons and explosives as well as other hazardous and illicit material. The VACIS can also be used to determine if the cargo is consistent with the declared manifest.

The Malta Customs Department is responsible for nominating containers for scanning. The ship agents are to inform the Operations Department which containers are to be scanned.