On-line Bill Payment System

Malta Freeport Terminals with the collaboration of Bank of Valletta has in place an on-line payment system BOV 24x7 through Bank of Valletta's Internet site www.bov.com for the payment of domestic full container transactions. This system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Clients are requested to present the receipt printed from the Web transaction at Malta Freeport Terminals' Main Gate together with the Gate Forms and the Delivery Orders in the case of Local Imports to be able to collect the containers and the Shipping Orders in the case of Local Exports to be able to deliver the containers. Should you encounter any technical difficulty when printing the receipt or if the receipt is misplaced, please contact Malta Freeport Terminals' Cash Office between 08:00 hrs and 15:30 hrs on Tel: 2225 1250 or on e-mail address cashoffice@maltafreeport.com.mt to obtain a pdf version of the receipt.

The following charges can be paid through BOV's electronic payment facility, namely:

a. Imports - All Imports Full (containerised cargo) including for example IMOs, Reefers, OOG and Storage.
b. Exports - Normal Exports Full (containerised cargo).

The following charges cannot be paid through BOV's electronic payment facility but will have to be paid directly at Malta Freeport Terminals' Cash Office, namely:

a. Imports - Charges for flat racks with cargo on it (for example a boat or other cargo).
b. Re-exports
c. Transhipment

It is to be highlighted that charges for empty containers and for the Distripark facilities' transactions will be billed directly to the Agents at the end of the month.

Contact Details

Should you have any queries regarding Internet Banking, you are kindly requested to contact the BOV Customer Service Centre on Tel: 2131 2020 from 08:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs or on e-mail address csc@bov.com.

If you want to contact a representative of Malta Freeport Terminals, you are kindly requested to contact Malta Freeport Terminals' Marketing Department on Tel: 2225 1206 or on e-mail address marketing@maltafreeport.com.mt.

Kindly download On-line Bill Payment Functionality Procedure for further details on the On-line Paymet System.