Access Cards

It is Malta Freeport Terminals' objective to control access to its facilities in line with ISPS (International Ship & Port Facility Security Code) requirements.

Access Cards

All persons entering Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd. must wear a valid identification access card issued by Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd. There are two types of entry access cards; the One-Year Access Card and the Visitor Pass.

a. One-Year Pass 

Eligible Individuals or entities can apply for a One-Year Entry Access Card. In order to be eligible for a one -year access card, Applicants must have their normal place of work at the Freeport facility or be employed by one of the entities which have an office inside the Freeport.  In either case, the issue of an one-year access card requires the approval of the PEC (Permit Evaluation Committee) whose decision is final.

The One-Year Entry Access Application Form is to be filled in and submitted to the MFT Cash Office by e-mail: or by hand or by post to Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd, Port of Marsaxlokk Kalafrana BBG 3011. 

b. Visitor Pass

A Visitor Pass (valid up to a maximum of 30 days) may be requested from Malta Freeport Terminals' Main Gate or from the reception desk at Freeport Centre or requested via email to

Declaration Form for Freeport Entry

All Persons entering Malta Freeport Terminals  must fill in a Declaration Form for Freeport Entry to be able to enter the Terminals.

Indeed All Persons entering the Terminals must have:

  • A Valid Identification Access Card
  • Filled in the Declaration Form for Freeport Entry

No-one will be allowed to enter the Freeport if these requirements are not met.

Lost Cards

Lost cards are to be reported to Security either in person or by e-mail to