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#Malta Freeport Terminals (MFT) is conscious of its key role within the local business market presently providing the local entrepreneurs with 117 port connections all across the globe on a weekly basis. This explains why Malta Freeport takes pride in focusing its resources to continuously step up the services being offered to the local businesses.

Following the recent implementation of a number of key measures, which include the complete overhaul of Malta Freeport Terminals’ Main Gate, the Company is currently pursuing other initiatives to enhance the operations of the local entrepreneurs as detailed hereunder.

  1.      Community Portal

Following the successful implementation last year of Malta Freeport’s ‘web portal’ whereby Malta Freeport’s clients, namely the shipping lines and the shipping agents,  were given real-time access to crucial information for their operations, Malta Freeport is now pleased to announce that it will be launching from next Monday 9 September the ‘Community Portal’.  The information in this portal can be accessed without the use of a password but simply by keying in the container number being queried.

The information provided through the ‘Community Portal’ will ably assist the local and international business community particularly the end consumers of Malta Freeport as it will be providing them with on-line container tracking information. The Portal will also be providing the community with updated real-time vessel operations schedule, a function widely requested by clients. The tool will also provide transparent and easily available information to end clients which will reduce administration processes.

2.        Delivery Gate Extended Operating Times

A detailed survey was carried out by Malta Freeport over the past months involving all key players within the domestic market. The revision of the opening times at the Main  Gate was one of the main issues mentioned by the respondents. Based on these results, Malta Freeport will be extending its operating times as from Monday 9 September 2013.

MFT’s revised operating times between Monday and Friday will be as follows:

  • MFT Delivery Gate will open from 06:30 hrs  to 18:15 hrs
  • MFT Delivery Gate will not close for break-time

 On Saturdays: 

  • MFT Delivery Gate  opening times will remain unchanged i.e. 07:15 hrs to 11:15 hrs

Customers will still have the possibility to send a request for the release of urgent containers during the remaining hours as per procedures already in place.

 3.        Operations at Main Gate

In its endeavour to reduce as much as possible the paperwork related to its Main Gate operations, Malta Freeport has embarked on an ambitious project to increase efficiency in its gate operations. The work undertaken to-date is already yielding the desired positive results and discussions held with the various stakeholders have already led to notable enhancements in the operational processes. Malta Freeport is sustaining its resources in this project to ensure that further remarkable results will be witnessed over the coming months


Malta Freeport is proud that with the various measures it pursued on the technological front as well as from the operational and infrastructure aspects, the Company is witnessing truly encouraging results as regards the service it is offering to the local business community. The Company fully understands its responsibilities within this sector and will continue striving to enhance the services being offered to the local community to ensure that it will continue offering them efficient and efficacious services in line with their requirements.



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