Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd. Wins the 'Business Category' at the Waste Reduction Awards

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Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd was yesterday the winner of the 'Business Category' of the European Week for Waste Reduction Awards (EWWR) for the multitude of waste reduction actions which the Company implemented during EWWR 2013 involving employees, their families, clients and other third parties.

Malta Freeport Terminals pursued  a number of initiatives during EWWR including various initiatives for the office  personnel, waste reduction and waste separation  measures taken at the Container Terminals as well as reduction of waste initiatives by the users of the Freeport.  Other initiatives pursued included the 'Go Green GPS Challenge Competition’  which involved  a treasure hunt  set around the village of Birzebbugia. The ‘Go Green GPS Challenge’ communicated environmental efforts through an innovative and entertaining learning experience. Indeed employees were asked questions relating to measures being taken by the Company to reduce waste and other general questions on waste reduction. Another  event which was organised by the Freeport included the ‘Clean-up Activity’ whereby Malta Freeport’s employees were involved in the cleaning-up of an area at the locality of Birzebbugia as part of the Freeport's efforts to contribute in the cleaning up of its neighbourhood. During the EWWR Malta Freeport Terminals communicated in various ways, including internet site, billboard and employees' newsletter, the various measures the Company pursued in the past period  to encourage employees to reduce waste.

The Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Hon Leo Brincat presented certificates to all participants and the awards to the winners of each category, namely Businesses, Schools, Public Entities, NGOs, Individual Citizens and other Organisations.

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