Waste Management Plan

The waste management plan in place aims to control and regulate waste generation and handling at Malta Freeport. Its general scope is to maintain a sustainable waste management and to obtain continuous improvement in waste management. The Company is committed to reducing as much as possible the amount of waste generated in its premises and aims to reuse, recycle or recover the waste generated prior to disposal into landfills as far as reasonably practical. The plan forms part of Malta Freeport Terminals’ Environmental Policy and follows the National Plan on waste management which is regulated by the Environment and Resource Authority (EPA). 

The plan is a dynamic one and is applicable for waste generated from the Terminal's site including waste generated from the Engineering Department, the General Maintenance and Stores as well as general waste generated from offices and canteen. The collection, transfer and disposal of ship-generated waste are entirely co-ordinated and hyandled by the rspective local shipping agents with their appointed authorised waste carriers in Malt5a. Although the port reception facilities are not prov9ided by the Terminal, facilities are made available at the Terminal through the locasl shipping agents.  The requirements for handling Ship Generated Waste are defined in the document titled ‘Waste Management Plan for Ship Generated Waste’. 

The QA-HSE Department is responsible for the overall development and upkeep of the Waste Management Plans. Kndly download pdf of Waste Management Plan - Ship Generated Waste