Birzebbuga Sailing Club Freeport Organises a Triple Celebratory Event


September 2015

Birzebbuga Sailing Club Freeport recently held a triple celebratory event at the club house to present the trophies of St Peter’s Regatta, to inaugurate the newly refurbished surface of the social area and to mark the culmination of this summer’s beginner’s course which has been one of the most successful to date.

This summer, Birzebbuga Sailing Club Freeport introduced forty-five youngsters from the age of eight to dinghy sailing. Indeed, sailing is a unique sport that helps children develop independence and self confidence in decision making and forces an individual to draw on acquired knowledge and skills to deal with the immediate situation. The ability to independently take control of a boat and sail it to a destination in ever more challenging conditions imparts a precious sense of achievement.  Competitive sailing, with its very fair, strict and civil rules, provides an excellent environment for the development of assertiveness and self respect. These life skills, acquired within a sporting environment, encourage individuals to naturally develop self esteem. Birzebbuga Sailing Club Freeport has a long tradition of training top class sailors, and those who eventually want to compete on a national and international stage find all the necessary experience and support to achieve their goals.

In its endeavour to promote sailing, Birzebbuga Sailing Club has been supported by Malta Freeport Terminals Limited through its Corporate Social Responsibility Fund. The key objective of this fund is to support the local community in various fields. Within this scenario, Malta Freeport Terminals as the Official Club Sponsor is supporting the Birzebbuga Sailing Club Freeport in its refurbishment programme to radically improve its facilities whilst also rendering the premises suitable and easily accessible to the sailors with special needs.

The annual St Peter’s regatta was held according to tradition to coincide with the village feast.  A significant number of boats competed in the optimist and handicap fleets.  In the latter, the finishing times of different dinghy classes were corrected according to the Portsmouth Yardstick scoring system so the sailors had to wait until the presentation of the trophies to find out who had won on corrected times.

The presentation of trophies to this year’s winners was carried out by Ms Charmaine Bertalanitz, Business Executive at Malta Freeport Terminals Limited.

The winners of the ‘Optimist Open’ were Matthew Micallef (1st), Luke Rausi (2nd) and Neil Farrugia Vella (3rd).

In the ‘Handicap Class’, the winners were Mikela and Andrew Mifsud (1st), Daniel Dalli (2nd)   and Matthew Wallis and Fabio Galea (3rd).


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