Malta Freeport Terminals organises Environment Day and EWWR 2016 Event for the children of its employees


On Tuesday 1st November, Malta Freeport Terminals organised a fun-filled day for the children of its employees to celebrate European Week for Waste Reduction which will be held between 19th  - 27th November 2016.  EWWR 2016 focuses on Packaging waste reduction: Use less packaging!!

The day started off with a short presentation to explain to the children the main objective of this year’s event.  This was followed by a tree plantation activity at the locality of Birzebbugia. The children had a marvellous time planting trees with the assistance of the Birzebbugia Mayor,  Mr Joseph Cutajar.  The Mayor also gave the children different slogans on the importance of planting trees. This activity was followed by a visit to the Birzebbugia Promenade Park where the children with the help of the Company’s employees carried out a clean-up activity. As part of the event, the children also involved various children and adult whom they met at the park and they took the opportunity to spread the message of this year’s theme on packaging waste. The children latter went back to the Freeport Centre and they prepared their own zero waste lunch. This was followed by a crafts activity and all the children painted their own picture on a cloth bag which was provided for the activity with the logo of Malta Freeport Environment Day and EWWR 2016.

Austic Galea, a retired Malta Freeport Terminals’ employee and a well-established personality among local crib enthusiasts, helped the children make a crib from reused packaging material. The crib will be placed at the foyer of the Freeport Centre during this year’s festive season.

Undoubtedly, this year’s event was a huge success and a memorable one for all the children that attended!!






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