Malta Freeport Terminals participated in European Week for Waste Reduction 2016 (EWWR 2016)


Malta Freeport Terminals participated with great success in European Week for Waste Reduction 2016 (EWWR 2016) for the fourth consecutive year. During EWWR 2016 the Company organised various activities including a team building activity for its employees which focused on the theme of EWWR 2016 - Packaging Waste Reduction. The team building event involved a treasure hunt with a twist to encourage Malta Freeport Terminal’ employees to participate. The main objective of the activity was the effective dissemination of this year’s core message by the Freeport’s employees to various people from all walks of life. In fact, the Freeport’s employees were asked to visit various places as well as to undertake a number of tasks to be able to convey the key message of EWWR 2016 in an innovative way with as many persons as possible. To complete the activity the employees had to reply to various questions on this year’s theme and general questions on the 3Rs as well as on the various initiatives being pursued by Malta Freeport Terminals to reduce waste within its operations.

Malta Freeport Terminals’ employees also participated in a clean up activity of an area at the locality of Birzebbugia which was identified by the Birzebbugia Local Council as part of the Freeport's efforts to contribute in the cleaning up of its neighbourhood. Apart from Freeport's employees, representatives of institutions that the Company supports through its Corporate and Social Responsibility programme also participated in this activity. This activity was followed up by tree plantation in an area selected by the Mayor of Birzebbugia. 

On the occasion of EWWR 2016 the Company also organised an event for the children of its employees including the preparation of a zero waste lunch, tree plantation in the locality of Birzebbugia and a clean-up event which was held at the Promenade Park of Birzebbugia. A fun activity was also orgnanised for the kids of the employees and they also had to involve a number of children and adults whom they met at the park and they took the opportunity to spread the message of this year’s theme on packaging waste. Later, all the children painted their own picture on a cloth bag which was provided for the activity with the logo of Malta Freeport Environment Day and EWWR 2016 to be used instead of plastic bags. During this event, the children also made a crib from reused packaging material with the assistance of Austin Galea, a retired Malta Freeport Terminals’ employee.

Malta Freeport Terminals also organised an activity for the children of the Birzebbugia Primary School on the occasion of EWWR 2016. After a presentation which focused on packaging waste, the students with the assistance of Freeport's employees and their teachers also painted on cloth bags a picture relating to the environment. This activity was a memorable one for all the students that participated whereby the Freeport managed to disseminate in a fun manner the message of this year's EWWR 2016.

It is important that the initiatives taken during EWWR to reduce waste will be maintained throughout the year as it is only in this manner that we can have a positive impact on the environment.








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