Malta Freeport Terminals participates in MCAST's Freshers Week between October 7-11


Malta Freeport Terminals is participating in MCAST's Freshers Week being held between October 7-11.

The Freeport, whch prides itself for being at the forefront of container handling technology and the most advanced equipment, is offering apprenticeship opportunities to electrical / mechanical and IT students that are reading for the following diplomas and degrees:

Electrical / Mechanical Engineering

· MCAST Advanced Diploma in Operations and Maintenance
· MCAST Advanced Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance
· MCAST Diploma in Engineering (Electronics)
· MCAST Advanced Diploma in Industrial Electronics

Information Technology

· MCAST Advanced Diploma in IT (Computer Systems and Networks)
· MCAST Advanced Diploma in IT (Software Development)
· Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Systems and Networks
· Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Software Development

Malta Freeport Terminals offers unmatched opportunities within the Engineering and IT Departments to work on the most advanced and largest cranes in the world, as well as sophisticated software technology.

Students who choose to join the Freeport’s apprenticeship scheme will benefit from our employees' vast years of experience and expertise and get an insight into the exciting world of the shipping industry.  


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