Proactive COVID-19 measure - Malta Freeport introduces a new digital-based procedure for the release of outgoing Import Full containers


In a proactive response to the COV1D-19 situation, Malta Freeport Terminals is once again at the technological forefront – rapidly developing and introducing a digital-based alternative to the use of the paper documents required to release outgoing Import Full containers. The new process enables local shipping agents to operate remotely in a secure and stable environment. This procedure, one of various initiatives taken by the Freeport to digitise its operational processes, significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the facility’s activities.

To take advantage of the paperless process, agents need to obtain a ‘Release and Authorisation Code’ for Import Full Containers, which will enable a consignee to pay MFT charges via the online payment BOV 24*7 or at the MFT Cash Office. If payment is effected via BOV 24*7, the code must be presented by the haulier/client at the MFT Delivery Gate together with BOV receipt. If payment is effected at the MFT Cash Office, the code should be presented at the counter. The haulier/client is required to present the code and MFT Cash Office receipt at the gate. 

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