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Malta Freeport Terminals is a strategically located transhipment hub in the heart of the Mediterranean with over 30 years’ experience in the shipping industry.

Malta Freeport Terminals has established a reputation among global carriers as a reliable, efficient and strategic transhipment port. Located at the crossroads of the world’s greatest maritime routes, the Freeport serves as a versatile platform for major shipping lines.

The Company benefits from trustworthy and experienced shareholders providing a solid foundation for further growth. Since its privatisation in 2004, Malta Freeport Terminals has undertaken an ambitious €320 million investment drive to upgrade its facilities and equipment to become the state-of-the-art container terminal it is today. It has ample capability to handle the world’s largest vessels with a capacity in excess of 23,000 TEUs simultaneously at both terminals. The facility provides the highest level of service to clients which is both cost-effective and efficient – with its dedicated personnel meeting tight deadlines to complete turnarounds.

Innovation and competitiveness are key to Malta Freeport’s future growth. The facility has focused heavily on digitalisation, infrastructural development, productivity, and ongoing training for its skilled workforce to stay ahead of the curve. The Freeport’s prime target is to constantly strive to surpass its clients’ long-term expectations and continue reaping fruitful results.

The mission of Malta Freeport Terminals is to lead a transhipment hub in the full realisation of Malta’s strategic position in the Mediterranean, thus contributing to the enhancement of the region’s nodal influence in the global trading system whilst sustaining its leading role in the Mediterranean transhipment trade.

Company set-up


Since its establishment in 1988, Malta Freeport has experienced remarkable growth and is now a major maritime transhipment hub in the Mediterranean region. Malta Freeport Terminals amalgamates the activities of container handling and industrial storage. These are functioning well and have amply proved their worth.

In 1998, Malta Freeport undertook a corporate restructuring programme as part of its strategy to consolidate its eminence internationally. The organisational changes which were completed in 2001 have significantly improved the efficiency of its operations and provide a clear distinction between the authority and the operator. Malta Freeport Corporation Limited now solely fulfills the role of landlord and authority over the Freeport zone while Malta Freeport Terminals Limited is now the single operating company of both container terminals and the warehousing facilities.

Malta Freeport Terminals was then privatised in 2004. The facility now has a strong shareholding structure composed of Terminal Link, the leading container terminal operator; Yildirim Group, one of the leading global diversified industrial groups in Turkey; the strong presence of CMA CGM, the world’s third-largest shipping line; and China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited, the largest terminal operator in China. This sound shareholding mix strongly supports the Company’s investment initiatives to further boost the Freeport’s market position and competitiveness as a leading hub in the Mediterranean region. 

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