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Malta Freeport Terminals strongly believes in its corporate social responsibility as business practices go beyond simply doing business. The Freeport is committed to the progress of the community where it operates, working to conserve the environment and improve health, safety, education, culture and leisure.

The Freeport is not solely providing financial contributions but is increasingly unlocking its intellectual assets and the power of the people to achieve a positive impact on the community. Our objectives are to engage with stakeholders, provide best practice labour standards, and embrace new technologies and management systems to minimise Malta Freeport’s carbon footprint.


With the expansion in operations, greater consideration is being given to the Port’s growing environmental impact and the Company has made significant strides in Environmental Management over the years. Malta Freeport Terminals’ environmental Policy includes commitments to the prevention of pollution, continual improvement of the Environmental Management System leading to enhancements in overall environmental performance, and compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. Malta Freeport Terminals encourages its employees, contractors, and third parties to take a responsible attitude towards their own and their colleagues’ impact on the environment. Malta Freeport Terminals has in place Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems that conform and are certified to international standards  – ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 showing the Freeport’s ongoing commitment to following the highest standard in this area. The Company pursued the required rigorous measures to implement such standards as it wanted to implement, maintain, and improve its environmental management system to assure itself that it conformed with its stated environmental policy.

Installation of full cut-out light fittings

The Freeport has been implementing various environmental sustainability initiatives over the past years including those based around noise pollution, air pollution, and light pollution. As regards noise pollution, the Freeport has recently invested in 15 new Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs), fitted with white noise safety alarms that are considerably quieter than the beeper alarms. These are automatically implemented by light detectors that are also fitted on the RTGs. The Freeport has also retrofitted these white noise alarms on the existing fleet of the 50 RTGs, therefore reducing substantially the noise generated by this equipment. The Company has also invested in various other yard equipment including Tug Masters and Trailers, which are more silent than the older equipment and are fully compliant with the latest EU specifications on noise emissions. Other environmentally-friendly initiatives are being taken including the investment in new lower emission cranes and equipment. As regards light pollution, the Freeport is installing full cut-out light fittings on its lighting towers to provide optimal illumination on the operational area while addressing light impact concerns such as glare, light spillage and sky glow.

Malta Freeport Terminals recognises its responsibility to protect the environment and to minimise, as far as it is safe, practicable and economically sound, any adverse environmental impact of its activities.


Malta Freeport is proud to support the many initiatives pursued by a number of institutions and individuals particularly within its locality which align with its sponsorship strategy. Through its CSR Programme, the Freeport is directly targeting its neighbouring community’s specific requirements, including:

  • Investment in a 300-metre lightweight rapid response boom to protect bathers in Birżebbuga’s Pretty Bay against any spill or leak from the Port.
  • A 450-space car park with a three-storey facility will be developed in Birzebbuga which will improve the quality of life of both residents and Freeport workers. This project complements the embellishment Project in Birzebbuga, which will serve as a recreational area for the community.
  • Malta Freeport Terminals also gets involved with helping the Local Council in its cleaning campaigns, tree plantation in Birzebbuga and is part of the Environmental Monitoring Committee.
  • The Freeport participates annually in the European Week for Waste Reduction to increase awareness amongst its employees and the local community.
  • Ongoing collaborations between the Freeport Management and the Freeport Regulator with the Environmental Resources Authority, the Local Council and the Birzebbuga NGO.
  • Financial support for Birżebbuga residents to install double glazing to alleviate the inconvenience of noise pollution.

  •  Sponsoring the Malta Trust Foundation to provide financial backing to the Blossom Project, which is offering psycho-social support to students at the St Benedict College in Birżebbuġa.
  • Supporting the Birzebbuga Primary School, as well as various Birzebbuga based clubs including the regatta, sailing, football and the waterpolo club.
  • Financial assistance is given to the Local Council to offer a free transport service aimed at improving the quality of life for senior citizens in the village.
  • Malta Freeport Terminals also joins other organisations, NGOs and individuals to organise events of national interest including Pink October and donating blood to the island’s National Blood Transfusion Service.