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Malta Freeports Act

The Malta Freeports Act regulates all activities within the Freeport in which Malta Freeport Corporation Ltd. is the sole authority and acts as a one-stop agency. This legislation established part of the port of Marsaxlokk as the free zone and paved the way for efficient and cost-effective operations. This scenario is providing the Freeport with a solid foundation on which the Company is able to excel its edge in its sector of business. This legislation is continuously being updated to ensure that the required tools are in hand to guarantee the right business climate and effective management of the Freeport’s facilities.

Download pdf of the Malta Freeports Act

Business Promotion Act

Companies licensed in terms of the Malta Freeports Act (section 11 of this Act) are now also Business Promotion Act (BPA) qualifying companies. The BPA is the name given to the Industrial Development Act, which applies mainly to manufacturing companies. This Act is the main legislative instrument for the granting of incentives. In terms of the BPA, Freeport licensed companies are eligible to two main incentives, namely reduced rates of tax and investment tax credits. Indeed, investment tax credits may potentially absorb the tax payable for a number of years or reduce it substantially. Companies will also enjoy various other benefits which will enhance their operations thus rendering their business more competitive in the international scene.

Download pdf of Business Promotion Act

Download pdf of Business Promotion Regulations