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The Freeport Centre is a smart office block commanding the entire Freeport covering 4,400 square metres.

This building is situated in a prime location and all major locations in Malta are within a 25 minute easy reach of the Freeport Centre. The facilities are further boosted by their proximity to Malta’s International Airport being located just six kilometres away.

The facilities were specifically designed for general office use and cater for both administrative and meeting functions. The front part of the office space has an imposing position overlooking Malta Freeport’s Container Terminals whilst the back part of the premises faces the car park of the Freeport Centre. This building houses the Administration Building of Malta Freeport Terminals and ample office space is available for leasing by third parties.

Office Space Leasing

The premises’ rental wing is allocated for the use of commercial and shipping companies operating from the Freeport. Presently Malta Freeport Terminals has office space available for lease located at the ground floor of the rental wing of the Freeport Centre. The office space available for lease covers a total area of one hundred and eighty-six square metres (186 square metres).  These premises can also be leased in modules of 29 square metres each.

This office space benefits from a full spectrum of essential services.

Conference Facilities

The Freeport Centre also provides the ideal venue to meet its clients’ needs as it includes a fully equipped penthouse that has conference, dining and reception facilities.

Security Facilities

The Freeport Centre is security surveilled round-the-clock by Malta Freeport Authority’s security personnel. All the Centre’s entrances, namely the Main Reception Area, entrance from the car park to the Freeport Centre and the entrance from the car park to the rental block are equipped with Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTVs).

Canteen Facilities

Canteen Facilities are available within the premises of the Freeport Centre which are availed of by Malta Freeport Terminals’ employees, by the personnel of the rental block and by third parties.

Fire and Safety

The entire property is fully equipped with the latest fire security systems and equipment and each block has an emergency exit.

Parking Area

Adequate parking space covering a total area of 5,000 square metres is available.

Kindly contact the Marketing Department on marketing@maltafreeport.com.mt or on telephone 2225 1208 / 2225 1206 for more information on the lease of office space at the Freeport Centre

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