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COVID-19 Preventive Measures being taken by
Malta Freeport Terminals

Malta Freeport Terminals is putting safety first to combat the spread of COVID-19, while continuing to operate efficiently during these extraordinary times. With this in mind, Malta Freeport is taking various preventive measures against COVID-19 as well as the necessary means to prevent transmission. All these measures are being undertaken in full consultation with the Health Authorities

The below outlines the various preventive measures being undertaken by Malta Freeport against COVID-19:

  • Thermal screening procedures of all personnel accessing the Freeport facilities;
  • Screening of crew members for temperature by Master of Vessel upon berthing at MFT;
  • The installation of a specific check point for temperature screening on the road leading to the Main Gate;
  • Reducing entry points at Administration building to 2 from 3;
  • Hand palming replaced by a quicker and more hygienic method of a barcode scanner;
  • Punching in for port worker twist-lock handlers and lashers discontinued (no need to enter the pedestrian building) activity monitored through the barcodes on the turnstiles. Only port worker tug drivers and MFT personnel need to enter the building to punch in. Punching out of all port worker personnel with the use of KABA cards on the turnstiles upon exit. This eliminates the need for personnel to enter the pedestrian gate building;
  • Shift change process revised to reduce the number of personnel entering the premises at the same time and boarding the buses and coaches;
  • Signed declaration by vessel master issued by Transport Malta declaring that vessel crew is healthy. Vessel is allowed berthing upon receipt of declaration;
  • All crew members instructed to self-isolate when operations permit;
  • All crew members instructed to wear a mask when on deck and keep the social distancing rule of 2 meters from any MFT personnel on board;
  • Prohibition of shore leave to vessel crew;
  • Crew changes allowed to/from vessels berthed at MFT in line with local legislation. Shipping agent must send their request to Freeport security attaching approvals from Port Health and Immigration. Security is to grant permission for crew member to enter/leave Terminal;
  • Line markings at the mustering building and pedestrian gate to direct personnel in maintaining social distancing;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the premises on a daily basis;
  • Installation of hand sanitising dispensers throughout the Terminals, lashing quarters, twist-lock cabins, mustering building, workshops, office buildings, kitchenettes, canteens, personnel transport vehicles, stores and other strategic locations;
  • Personal hand sanitising bottles and spray for personnel with no access to dispensers such as personnel working on vessels;
  • Personal cleaning kits consisting of a cloth and a disinfectant spray provided to personnel to wipe surfaces such as equipment and desks before use;
  • Disinfectant Wipes provided to personnel to wipe radios and hand-held from the radio booth;
  • Cleaners contracted for cleaning equipment on the Terminal. The team carries out thorough cleaning and sanitisation of all trucks before each shift. This includes the sanitisation using disinfectant and sanitisation through steaming of all surfaces to a temperature of 170°C using purposely procured equipment;
  • Cleaning, sanitization and maintenance schedule on Air handling units and stand-alone air condition units revised to include more frequent and upgraded service of sanitization;
  • Stock of disposable masks kept at the stores department for personnel working on vessels;
  • Masks provided to personnel who cannot adopt the 2 metre social distance rule due to the nature of the tasks/works being carried out such as Engineering and IT;
  • Reduction of passengers in transportation vehicles by more than 50%. Tape on seats to indicate where one is allowed to sit and signs on each transport vehicle;
  • All personnel using MFT transport provided with medical masks to be worn at all times whilst using transport;
  • Limiting the amount of personnel inside kitchenettes and lifts throughout the buildings;
  • Awareness campaign through posters, noticeboard notifications and information leaflets/posters by MFT HSE, talks with employees, emails, circulars by HR;
  • Updates and guidance from authorities mainly Port Health, Health Department and Transport Malta are communicated with MFT Managers;
  • Circular issued to all informing employees that anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 are not to report to the clinic. Procedure set up for personnel to be escorted to the pedestrian gate in such cases;
  • Personnel allowed to leave when their duties are finished and not having to wait to the hour to punch out;
  • All internal meetings and planning related discussions being done over Teams when possible;
  • Parking of RTG’s in a location so as to avoid personnel from being transported and hence reducing further trips with minimal occupancy. RTG’s that are deployed on T1 Block 1 can gantry to west end. They can then walk to the out mustering building;
  • 20 to 25 tugs used by port workers parked close to the pedestrian gate for both incoming and outgoing. This reduces number of personnel waiting for and using transport;

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