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Malta Freeport’s distripark facilities represent an important link in the transhipment chain as they support logistic providers in their efforts to achieve better quality and a more efficient regional distribution chain.

The distripark facilities’ clients enjoy world-wide frequent connections with around 100 ports and an excellent feedering service to over 50 ports throughout the Mediterranean. This in itself is the baseline of any hub activity and ensures that the distribution logistic is continually replenished via the shipping lines that are established at the Freeport.

An important consideration for a major distributor when restructuring logistics is the reduction in costs and time to deliver goods to their final destination. Due to the strategic location of Malta Freeport along the major global shipping routes, clients can set up a distribution base to reach various markets including the Mediterranean, North Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. This will result in a drastic reduction in the duration of the delivery of goods and better customer satisfaction.  Consequently, improvements in time will also mean cost savings to the distributors, which will be reflected in enhanced profitability. 

Since the warehousing facilities lie only six kilometres from the Island’s International Airport, Malta Freeport opens up excellent opportunities for sea and air links stretching worldwide, stepping up turnaround times, and encouraging further investment in the zone. This is another reason why the Freeport can justifiably claim to be a strategic choice for logistic providers.

Present Warehousing Specifications
General-purpose warehouses of 2,400 square meres each having 1,000 square metres of covered space (40 metres x 25 metres)
Warehouses are built of pre-cast concrete panels and have four doors, two in front with unloading and offloading bays and two at the back with flat surfaces for better flexibility
Space frame roofing giving 6.0 metres clear headroom
Concrete panel outer walls
4 warehouse entrances 5.0 metres wide x 5.5 metres high
40 windows 1.8 metres wide x 0.8 metres high
Five roof colt ventilators electrically adjustable
The average natural lightning level at worktop-300lux
Insulation values of roof and walls circa 1.0ws/m.c
Five hydrants within 100 metres of the furthest point of the warehouse
All construction materials are fire-rated
Electricity supply – 3 phase 415v
Telephone/data point

According to the Malta Freeports Act 1989 Part IV Section 10 (1), licenced companies can engage in an extensive range of handling operations through the utilisation of the distripark facilities.

Activities that can be undertaken at Malta Freeport’s Distripark Facilities
Dividing cargo into separate lots
Cooling and freezing
Mounting of goods for protection or display
Inspection, inventory and sampling
Repairs following damage incurred during transport or storage
Simple sorting or classing operations
Inspection, testing and starting up of engines, equipment and vehicles
Light assembly and elements of processing. In some instances, goods finished or partly finished in Malta may qualify for a certificate of origin from the Freeport Authority provided that certain criteria are met.

Fiscal Advantages

Companies licensed in terms of the Malta Freeports Act (Section 11 of this Act) are also Business Promotion Act (BPA) qualifying companies. The BPA is the name given to the Industrial Development Act, which applies mainly to manufacturing companies. This Act is the main legislative instrument for the granting of incentives. In terms of the BPA, Freeport licensed companies are eligible for two main incentives, namely reduced rates of tax and investment tax credits. Indeed, investment tax credits may potentially absorb the tax payable for a number of years or reduce it substantially. Companies will also enjoy various other benefits that will enhance their operations thus rendering their business operations more competitive within in the international scene.