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Home » News » Malta Freeport Terminals Upgrades to Navis N4 3.7 via Remote Assistance

Malta Freeport Terminals Upgrades to Navis N4 3.7 via Remote Assistance

Malta Freeport Terminals upgraded to N4 3.7 with 100% remote assistance from Navis. Despite COVID-19 forcing travel restrictions around the world, Malta Freeport Terminals was determined to proceed with its business plan and achieve its set goals amidst the pandemic and leveraged remote support from Navis to stick to their timeline.

Malta Freeport Terminals initiated the upgrade project at the end of last year with Navis to implement the latest Equipment Control and RTG Optimisation modules to help move the Terminals towards semi-automation operations through N4 3.7. Due to the dedication of both Malta Freeport Terminals  and Navis teams, the remote upgrade was successfully completed on May 1, 2020, which was right on schedule.

With the flow of trade being more important than ever, we are constantly looking to invest in cutting-edge ways to improve our services and scale our business. Upgrading to N4 3.7 enables MFT to utilize the new generation of RTG optimization with semi automation features,” said Jesmond Baldacchino, Head of IT at Malta Freeport Terminals. “Ahead of the remote go-live, our team completed a risk assessment to mitigate any potential issues that could arise, and along with the Navis team, we were determined that it was the right course of action to move forward. We are thrilled with the outcome and appreciate the level of support Navis provided us throughout the complete process.”

“This is a strategic shift for Navis as a company and a proud moment for our team. As a partner to our customers, we want to support them to manage their business more efficiently under any circumstances,” said Chuck Schneider, Chief Customer Officer at Navis. “Being able to pivot our go-live strategy while still meeting the customer’s deadline for implementation, is a true testament to the dedication of both teams. The success of Malta Freeport has paved the way for other terminals with remote upgrades in these unprecedented times and beyond.”