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COVID-19 Key Precautionary Measures being taken by Malta Freeport Terminals

Malta Freeport Terminals is working round the clock to put safety first to combat the spread of COVID-19, while continuing to operate during these extraordinary times. Apart from cleaning and sanitising its premises on a daily basis, it has installed thermal screening on-site, at checkpoints and onboard vessels, while regularly fumigating all the Terminals’ equipment to ensure everyone’s safety. 

The Company is conducting an internal information campaign on the virus, and how risks of infection can be reduced. It has also installed hand sanitising dispensers throughout the Terminals, Administration Building, kitchenettes, canteen, personnel transport vehicles, workshops, stores and other strategic locations. Meanwhile, emergency response guidance has been issued to the on-site Medic based on instructions from Port Health for any suspected cases.

All the shipping agents have been requested to provide the vessel port rotation covering the last twenty days prior to calling Malta Freeport. Additional screening of vessel crew members for high body temperature, cough and shortness of breath by MFT Medic is being done on all vessels allowed to berth by Transport Malta and Health Authority. Additional Precautionary Measures were also introduced by Port Health Authority which are applicable for all vessels calling from any port. With this scenario crew members must wear a mask; always adopt the social distance rule of 2 metres or more from crew member; use of PPE (mask, gloves and safety glasses) and maintain frequent hygiene practices. Furthermore, no crew members will be allowed to disembark from the vessels throughout the duration of its call in Maltese waters and ports.

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