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Home » Tender for the Manufacture, Supply and Installation of a Steel Canopy for the new Refuelling Station

Malta Freeport Terminals has launched the Tender for the Manufacture, Supply and Installation of a Steel Canopy for the new Refuelling Station.

Work Description

1. Design of the new refuelling station facilities’ steel canopy structure.
2. Fabrication and installation of canopy.
3. Proposed design to be approved by the Engineer.
4. Supply & install all ancillary facilities, such as electrical power, and lights.
5. Connecting the canopy rain water collection system to the rain water drain system prepared beforehand.

Tenderers are kindly requested to download the Tender Document – Fuel Station Canopy Tender and Fuel Station Canopy Drawings.

Site Visit/ Clarification Meeting

A technical clarification meeting and site visit for Tenderers may be held at any time within the submission deadline. Tenderers will be asked to register prior to commencement of meeting by providing their name, the Tenderer that they represent and the contact details of the individual present during the meeting. The Client’s Representative reserves the right to keep minutes of such clarification meetings, which minutes will be made available to all Tenderers through the clarification process. The Engineer will not necessarily answer any queries during the meeting but these will be noted and answers will be posted through the clarification process. Tenderers are advised, in their interest, to inspect the site of works, in order to ascertain for themselves the conditions of the site itself in particular the requirements of MFT operations. No claims arising from lack of ascertaining the site condition shall be entertained later.

a. Tenderer shall promptly notify the Engineer of any ambiguity upon examination of the Tender Documents.

b. Tenderer requiring clarification or interpretations of the Tender Documents shall make a written request to the Engineering Department’ prior to the deadline set in the Tender schedule.

c. Any interpretation, correction or change of the Tender Documents will be made by Addendum. Interpretations, corrections or changes of the Tender Documents made in any other manner will not be binding, and the Tenderer shall not rely upon such interpretation, correction and changes.

The Tender Document has 3 files attachments:

Proposed Canopy Front View
Proposed Canopy Plan View
Proposed Canopy Side View

Tendering Schedule
Issuing of Tender 1st December 2021
Deadline for Submission of Tender Offers24th January 2022 at 16.00 hrs
Contract Award20 days after tender submission closes (Max)
Project Commencement DateImmediate from signing of contract
Commissioning & Completion of ProjectEnd of April 2022
Submission of Tender Offers

a. All Tenders and any other document required to be submitted should preferably be sent through a soft copy addressed to the Purchasing Manager:        


b. Any other documentation / brochures etc. that cannot be sent through email can be delivered at the front desk at Malta Freeport Terminals Freeport Centre reception addressed to the Purchasing Manager.

c. All Tender offers must be received not later than the closing date and time indicated in the Tendering Schedule.

d. The outer package enclosing the Tender offer shall be marked with the Tender Name and Reference, and the name of the Tenderer’s Organisation.

Content of Tender Offers – Documentation required

a. Tenderers are advised to ensure that all Submission Forms and information submitted as part of their Tender offer should be presented in the same order and sequence as they appear in the Tender Documents.

b. Any inter-lineation, alteration or erasure must be initialed by the signatory of the Tender.

c. The Tender shall include the legal name of the Tenderer and a statement that the Tenderer is a sole proprietor, a Joint Venture and/or Consortia or a legal entity. A Tender by a Joint Venture and/or Consortia shall give the place where this was registered, its registration number and where it has its principal place of business and have the company seal or other official certification affixed. A Tender submitted by an agent shall have a valid power of attorney attached to the agent’s authority to bind the Tenderer.

d. Tenderers shall submit their tender entirely at own risk and will be solely responsible for expenses and losses incurred by them in the preparation of their tender.

Closing Date:
The Bids must be received by MFTL on 24th January 2022 at 16.00 hrs at the latest.
Any offer received after the closing date will be rejected.