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Home » Tender for the Upgrade of the Medium Voltage Distribution Centre
Malta Freeport Terminals Ltd (MFTL) is calling for proposals for Upgrade of the Medium Voltage Distribution Centre. The tender shall be split into separate lots, namely: 
LOT 1:   Hermetically Sealing of Distribution Centre (DC) to eliminate the ingress of dust and humidity. Installing air conditioning units, fire alarm system and CCTV.
LOT 2:   Replacing all the switchgear: The design, manufacture, factory testing, delivery, installation and commissioning of medium voltage switchgear at Malta Freeport’s Distribution Centre, with a single manufacturer type of equipment for standardisation.
LOT 3:   Optional Maintenance – Provide a quotation to maintain the primary substation (DC) all equipment for an initial period of two (2) years.

 Interested parties must contact the Purchasing Department to obtain a copy of the Tender Document and Appendix 1: Bill of Quantities on Email: purchasing.manager@maltafreeport.com.mt

Tendering Schedule
Issuing of Tender7th September 2023
Deadline for Submission of Tender Offers27th October 2023
Contract Award60 days after tender submission closes (Max)
Project Commencement DateImmediate from signing of contract

The Tenderer shall promptly notify the Engineer of any ambiguity upon examination of the Tender Documents. Tenderers requiring clarification or interpretations of the Tender Documents shall make a written request to the Engineering department (as listed above) prior to the deadline set in the Tender schedule.

The MFTL’s representative reserves the right to keep minutes of such clarification meetings, which minutes shall be made available to all Tenderers through the clarification process.

Any interpretation, correction or change of the Tender Documents will be made by Addendum. Interpretations, corrections or changes of the Tender Documents made in any other manner shall not be binding, and the Tenderer shall not rely upon such interpretation, correction and changes.

Any addenda shall be communicated to the Tenderers which is expected that the Addenda will be officially available at least a week before closure of tender.

Submission of Tender Offers

All Tenders and any other documents required to be submitted preferably through a soft copy addressed to the Purchasing Manager:   

        Email: purchasing.manager@maltafreeport.com.mt

Late Submission of Tender Offers

Contractors shall not be able to submit a tender offer once the deadline for submission of tenders has expired. No liability can be accepted for delays or technical difficulties that preclude tender offers from being submitted in time. No tender may be amended or withdrawn after the deadline for submission.

Supplementary Documentation

All Tenderers participating in the Tender are required to refer to the following document:

DOC A – General Conditions for Contracts and Third-Party Code of Conduct

If and where applicable, these documents outline the conditions and to different types of tenders and contracts, such as provision of supply, provision of services and/or works project.

The Tender Offer must be received by MFTL by not later than 27th October, 2023.